Corporate Profile

Having more than 30 years of history, we are one of the leading producers of fresh eggs in Singapore, specialising in the production and sale of Designer Eggs, which contain specific and value-added nutrients, as well as generic eggs. We are also engaged in the production and sale of liquid eggs.

Over the years, we have built a strong presence and brand-name in developing high quality, wholesome and safe eggs for consumers in Singapore.

We operate a layer farm that spans over 20 hectares and currently has about 490,000 layers producing approximately 340,000 eggs per day. Chew's Agriculture supply about 8 per cent of Singapore's egg consumption.

To-date, we produce more than 120,000,000 eggs per annum for distribution to egg wholesalers, food and beverage outlets, leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore.

Our Business Segments

Production and Sale of Designer Eggs and generic eggs

We first set up our own feed mill in 2000 so as to have better control over the feed formulation, as we strongly believe that the feed is a key factor in ensuring optimum productivity in layer farming.

Furthermore, we produce feed specifically for the production of our Designer Eggs. The nutritional content of such feed is substantially higher than that of normal feed, resulting in the production of eggs with higher nutritional value.

Our Designer Eggs, which contain additional Vitamin E, have total fat content of less than 10% and feature a 30% lower cholesterol level as compared to the usual 426 mg per 100 grams of edible egg.

Production and Sale of Liquid Eggs

We produce pure liquid eggs with no additional ingredients via a pasteurisation process in a sanitised environment. The liquid eggs are supplied to our industrial customers in the food and beverage industry.